Probate transactions are complicated. Derrick Ruiz has prepared carefully choreographed steps to ensure a successful sale.

Many people find that inheriting real estate can be more stress than it’s worth and would rather just sell and get the cash, along with the emotional release of knowing they can move on. Yet probate transactions can be overwhelming, and it requires a methodical approach. Derrick has prepared a checklist to prepare your probate property for sale and avoid common mistakes.


Order Preliminary Title Report
Check For A Notice Of Default Or Notice Of Sale
Order Building Permits & The Certificate of Occupancy
City Pre-Sale Inspection Assistance
Code Violations Check
Trash Removal Plan And Estimate
Price Analysis
Loan Payoff Review
Seller's Net Sheet
Utilities Check
Fire & Hazard Insurance Review
Property Management Review (If Rented)
Tenant Evictions

Don't go it alone.

For the better part of three decades, Derrick Ruiz has become a fixture in the Southern California’s real estate market, known for his stellar reputation, marketing savvy and peerless service to buyers and sellers. He has carved a niche in serving families who have duties under a will, probate proceeding or trust agreement.
Derrick Ruiz will work expeditiously, but at your family's pace, to liquidate your loved one's assets for the most money the market will bear. He is committed to helping you settle the estate in the most efficient and dignified manner.
Contact Derrick so you can focus on other tasks and reduce stress, by knowing the property sale and other services are handled by a compassionate, experienced real estate agent that can take the burden of dealing with the legal and property issues surrounding inheritance and trusts.