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Losing someone we hold dear is never easy, and the pain is often exasberated by the legal issues death brings. If the deceased person owned assets in joint tenancy with someone else, or as survivorship community property with his or her spouse, or in a living trust, those assets won't need to go through probate.


If these legal shortcuts don't apply, you will usually have to go to court. The court-regulated process of selling assets must be carefully monitored and managed and the paperwork is specialized. Derrick has compiled some of the most common probate forms to aide in this process.


If you are representated by an attorney, he or she will file these forms after you sign them. If, however, you are seeking to file a petition without legal counsel (in legal terms, "Pro Per"), you will have to complete and file these forms on your own. 


Not represented by an attorney? Get general instructions on how to start the probate process with this handy document →


All forms are in PDF format, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. If you do not have Adobe Reader already installed, you can get it for free here.


Petition For Probate Form DE-111

Duties and Liabilities of Personal Representative Form DE-147

Inventory and Appraisal Form DE-160

Notice of Proposed Action Form DE-165

Order For Probate Form DE-140


Report of Sale and Petition for Order Confirming Sale of Real Property (Probate—Decedents’ Estates and Guardianships and Conservatorships) Form DE-260


Being appointed the executor or administrator is both an honor and a burden. But with the right experts in your corner, this prociess can be made easier. As an expert in probate, trust and inherited property sales, Derrick Ruiz can alleviate some of the stress. He can explain the language, documentation, and steps to streamline the process. For expert consultation, call Derrick at 310-308-3174 at or send him an email.


If you are tasked with selling a probate, trust, or inherited property, Derrick Ruiz can help.

His goal, first and foremost, is to educate you and your family on your options so that you can make the most informed decisions. For expert advice, call Derrick at 310-308-3174, email him, or fill out the form below.

Although Derrick Ruiz can guide you along this process, he is not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice. If you are seeking an attorney, Derrick will gladly refer you to competent counsel, or you can contact the Los Angeles County Bar Association at 213-243-1525.


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