Over the course of a lifetime, people accumulate a wide range of assets and objects that mirror their very being. When they pass, it's often difficult for the family to know what to do with these assets. Fortunately, Derrick Ruiz can help dispose of these items quickly, easily and efficiently, in the best interests of the estate.


Derrick can coordinate to assist you with moving and disposing of unwanted personal property, furniture and debris. He recommends that first the family remove any valuable, clothes, personal effects or furniture that you wish to keep.
Once the family removes any personal items and valuables they wish to keep, Derrick can make arrangments for a formal appraisal to determine if the items have value.
He also works with several companies that specialize estate sales and we can help coordinate with them to come to the property and give an assessment.
The estate can also get a tax deduction by donating any remaining items of value - Derrick has connections with various charitable donation services that will take the hassle out of removing these items by picking them up for you. 


Derrick goes the extra mile in readying the probate property for sale.



This video was filmed cleaning out a probated property on Marburn Ave in the View Park section of Los Angeles. As is the case in many probated properties, the Personal Representative was located far away and could not travel to attend to the property. Derrick also sold two vehicles for the gentleman, a 69' Chevy Chevelle and a '84 Mercedes Benz 450SL. You'll notice Derrick and his crew with a 40 cubic yard dumpster in front of the estate home, a size he recommends. Experience has shown an average 2 bedroom, 2 bath hoom will easily fill a 40 yard bin.



Derrick has found that that prospective buyers have a greater perceived value when a professional estate liquidation firm conducts your household estate sale.
Also, many families attempting to conduct their own sales either vastly over-price items or ridiculously under-price a majority of their household possessions.
Derrick has established relationships with several companies that specialize in estate sales and can coordindate with them to inventory the estate's items and provide an assessment to get the most amount of money the market will bear, with complete liquidation in mind. These professional liquidators will also use various avenues to guarantee maximum exposure and traffic. 



If you are tasked with selling a probate, trust, or inherited property, Derrick Ruiz can help.

His goal, first and foremost, is to educate you and your family on your options so that you can make the most informed decisions. For expert advice, call Derrick at 310-308-3174, email him, or fill out the form below.